10 Things I Learnt in my First Year of University:


Last month I finished my first year of University and it was hands down the best year of my life! I've really changed as a person and I like the person I am so much more now. With that in mind I've put together a list of all the things I've learnt so far. 
  1. Drinking an entire bottle of vodka in half an hour is never a good idea (seriously don't do it)
  2. A takeaway doesn't count if you eat it between the hours of 12-5 am
  3. You won't have fun experiences unless you make yourself
  4. The friends you make in freshers will probably not be the closest friends you make, don't become too cliquey straight away
  5. Sometimes a nap is the only answer
  6. Don't save all your deadlines until the last minute
  7. Keep up with your reading throughout the year, it will make life much much easier come revision time
  8. Do NOT wear heels on a night out. It's all fun and games for about half an hour but the rest of the night is just a world of pain!
  9. The friends you make will be the best friends ever!
  10. You won't miss other people as much as you think you will