Makeup Your Lookalike: Kourtney Kardashian Inspired Makeup:


I've been told an awful lot over the  past years that I look a lot like Kourtney Kardashian, so I thought I'd take advantage of that fact and do an inspired post. Just to clarify though, this is just something inspired by her makeup looks I'm not trying to look exactly like her I just had a look through Google images and put my own spin on a few looks I liked.

The fist thing I did was foundation and concealer but I didn't really alter this from my usual routine so I'll start off here with eyebrows. In most of the pictures I saw Kourtney's eyebrows were brushed up at the front and left really natural throughout. So I just brushed mine through pulling the front parts up and quickly and naturally ran through them with a dark pencil.

Next came the rest of the face work. I contoured my face through the cheekbones, on the temple and down the sides of my nose. Kourtney contours a lot, as do all of the Kardashian's but it doesn't seem like she does as much as Kim so I  didn't go too overboard. In a lot of the pictures she wore an orange or peach toned blush all over the tops of her cheekbones, so I did the same using a lot more blush than normal which doesn't seem to have shown up too well in the picture. Last but by no means least for the face came the highlighting, and lots of it. If you're creating this type of look at home then your'e going to want to take a gold toned highlight all over the tops of your cheeks, down the nose a little in the centre of your forehead and a small amount on the cupid's bow of the lip. 

Eyes were next a lot of Kourtney's looks don't go past the crease and are usually really warm toned. So I used a warm shimmery bronzer and just ran it all over the lid being careful not to go too high with it as I usually would be tempted to do. Your'e also going to want to take this quite far under the eye too. Then to give my lashes a much thicker look I added and smudged out some black eye shadow and some black eye liner, which I also put through the tight line and water line. The lots ( and I really mean lots) of mascara, I was tempted to add some false lashes too but I wanted this to be a wearable look.

Lastly comes the lips, quite simply I grabbed an orange toned lip stick and left it at that. My favourite make up look of Kourtney's has to be her orange toned lip, so when I decided on doing this look I just had to use it!

That's all for this look, I really hoped you enjoyed this post, do you have any celebrity lookalikes? Also If you'd like me to create any more looks (be they Kardashian inspired or not) then please leave your requests in the comments.