About Me

19 year old beauty blogger. Studying Psychology at University. I've been blogging since the 7th of August 2013 although I've wanted too for much longer than that. I'd love to see this blog grow and develop into something more than a hobby and every single view or follow you give me means the world, especially as I still feel like a beginner. By no exaggeration does my heart do a little jump for joy every time I gain a follower or reach a milestone in views.
If for any reason you'd like to contact me then I have a lot of social media you can do so through. I'm most likely to see and answer your questions or reply to any comments through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, all of which I update as regularly as I can.

I will also always reply to any questions left on my Instagram page about things that are in the pictures. I'll definitely see you if you leave a question on my instagram because I'm a massive addict and if I'm not scrolling through it then I must be ill!
One social media that I am a massive addict of is Pinterest, I have to admit I very rarely reply to comments on Pinterest, don't ask me why but I just don't. However, I have an ever growing amount of boards which I'm constantly updating so if you share my sense of humour, love of Harry Potter or just like looking at pretty make up looks then I'm sure there's something to follow. 
By no means do you have to follow me on any of these social media, I just thought it would be helpful for you to know a little more about where to contact me. Also do feel free to email me at EJEbeauty@Gmail.com 
All in all, I hope you enjoy my blog!