Olivia Burton Tan Big Dial Watch:


I've been a huge admirer of Olivia Burton's stunning watches for a very long time now. I follow both their Twitter and Instagram accounts and every time a photo pops up I find myself practically drooling over the beauty of their stunning pieces. I'm particularly a fan of big dial watches, and although I've previously mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of gold this watch has stood out to me for months.

The only thing putting me off was the £75 price tag, I know that's actually a really good price for a watch like this but at the end of the day I am only a 19 year old student so whether or not I could bring myself to spend so much on one thing was something I really debated about. In the end my heart won out over my head and as soon as payday came I was placing my order. 

I went for the Tan Big Dial Watch, which was always the one I checked was in stock first when online browsing. I think it's absolutely stunning and would suit near enough any outfit and can be worn year round. Let me know if you have any watches from the brand because I must admit that although I'm head over heels for this one and can't stop looking at my wrist when I wear it I do still like the look of some of their other pieces.