Top 5 Spring Nail Varnishes:


When I did my top 5 winter nail varnishes it seemed to go down really well, I mentioned in that post that I was thinking of doing a similar thing for ever season. So, without further ado here are my top 5 picks for Spring nails.

 The first one is Rimmel London's Brit Manicure nail colour in 445 English Rose. It is a rally nice clean and fresh looking colour. It almost impossible to detect apart from the subtle hint of pink in it. The varnish itself comes with the thickest fattest brush I have ever seen meaning you can coat each nail in one smooth swipe. I chose this colour because a clean and fresh colour matches the season perfectly with a lighter air compared to the darkness of previous months and a fresh new start.

I had to get a nice purple in there somewhere didn't I. This one is from M&S and part of their Limited Collection. The colour is Lavender. I like this colour because it has a perfect mix of bright but muted. I feel like this would make a nice transition into a bold bright purple that will be worn in Summer.

A green nail varnish is always going to be quite a bold choice and not one I could see myself wearing a few years ago. However, on a shopping trip in London I saw this in Topshop (the colour is Venus Flytrap) and totally fell for it. I wore it consistently all of last Spring and Summer and I plan on carrying on the trend next year too. The quality of the nail varnish is amazing too, it looks nice and shiny.

The Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba was one of my first proper nail varnishes and I've repurchased it many a time since. It paints on very well and this colour in particular is a nice mixture of fun, bright and fresh and a clean and mature colour. I feel like it's a good colour for Spring because of this and I'm sure I'll be buying a new bottle again soon.

Last but not least is another Barry M Nail Paint, this time in Mushroom which is a sweet mushroom brown colour (as the name would suggest). I feel like this colour has a pastel undertone to it which prevents me from wearing it too much in winter but as soon as the opportunity arises I break it out. I never wear this without someone giving me a compliment and telling me how nice it looks. I would definitely give this a look next time you go shopping.

I'll see you all next time, also come Summer would you like to see a top 5 for then too? Let me know in the comments.


Review: The Body Shop Lip Butter (Sweet Lemon):


Another review today, this time it's for a Body Shop product. This is the Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon.

First things first the packaging is really nice and cute as with most Body Shop products, I like the fact the Lip Butters look like mini versions of the Body Butters in that they have the fruit on the top of the little tub with a colour that matches the product. 

As for the product itself the scent is quite possibly my favourite part of it, it smells exactly like sherbet lemon sweets. The taste is a little odd in that it has nothing lemony about it. It tastes a little like Vaseline to me. The consistency is also very true to it's name like the smell. It's exactly how I would imagine rubbing butter along the lips to feel.

I find that if my lips are already in fairly good condition then this is good to use in order to keep them soft, but for dealing with dry lips it does nothing as the fact it's a lip butter and has a buttery consistency can make it a little greasy and stop it sinking in.

All in all I'd say this is the perfect lip balm to put on at night because the consistency can sometimes mean it's a little heavy for use during the day. If you have £4 to spare and have lips that are usually in a good condition, but you like to take care of them then I'd recommend picking this up.


Review: Soap & Glory Mist You Madly:

It feels like such a long time since I've done a review, I don't know why I stopped because they're one of my favourite posts to write. With that in mind I thought I'd write you another. This one is going to be for Soap & Glory's Mist you Madly body spray.

I absolutely love this product for wearing in warm Spring/Summer weather, because it's such a bright feeling scent. The scent claims to be "A flirty floral fragrant body spray" and that is exactly what it is. Imagine having a really nice young perfume (but not sickly sweet) with an undertone of the typical Soap & Glory scent then you've got it pretty much bang on.

It's a fairly strong scent and you can use it as a perfume on just the wrist and neck or you can use it as intended as an all over body spray. Either way the scent will last all day without too much need for a top up. If you did want to add a little more throughout the day though it comes in a fairly gentle plastic bottle which means you can carry it around in your hand bag without fear of it smashing and leaking or banging into things and chipping at stuff in your bag. It also means it wont weigh you down when carrying it either.

The name and packaging are both amazing as expected with the brand because I'm yet to use a product of theirs that I don't like. I would definitely recommend giving this a smell next time you're in Boots and picking it up if you like it. It's a real bargain too compared to most perfumes and has good value for money in that I'm not even close to finishing my bottle and I've had it for ages.

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and if you've seen any other products in previous posts that you'd like a review of then let me know in the comments.


My Pandora Charm Collection:


This seems like a bit of a strange post to make but I wanted to do it anyway. I've been collecting Pandora Charms since my 16th birthday when I was given my bracelet and first ever charm. Now almost 2 years later this is what my bracelet looks like. I wear it every single day and love it to bits

I wasn't sure whether or not to include my safety chain but I figured it's a big part of a Pandora so why not. I have the daisy one, I wasn't too sure of it at first it was the prettiest of the two available but it didn't really strike me as stunning. Over time it's really grown on me and I'm so glad I've bought it because to wear the chain is far better than the possibility of losing it.

The charm I got along with my bracelet is this cute white charm with light blue spots. It was this that made me decide that I wanted my theme to be blue and silver.

 The next charm was a present from my mum and dad for passing all of my GCSE's with good grades, and very fitting it is too. It's a little pile of three textbooks with a smart looking owl on one side and the word study on the back.

This cute little charm I got for myself as a little treat right when my Pandora was still new, I saw it and fell in love and bought it straight away. Its a light blue glass with sweet little light blue lady birds around the edge.

This charms was a present from Myles not this Valentines day but the one before, so Valentines day 2013. It's an adorable pair of love birds all cuddled up together with a heart between them which says love on one side and you on the other. I have to say this is probably one of my favourite charms.

My seventeenth birthday bought this little guy into my life. If this is the only post of mine that you've read then you probably won't know that elephants are my favourite animal of all time and I have such a love for them. This elephant is no exception, isn't he adorable? 

This charm is from Christmas 2013, a light blue enamel charm with silver leaf vines wrapped around it. I have to admit I'd been hinting at this one for a long time in the hope of getting it for Christmas, and it looks like it worked. It's so different to most of the charms available not an animal or flower, for that reason I love it.

The latest addition to my collection is also my first dangling charm. I was given it last Christmas which I'm sure if you saw my What I Got For Christmas Haul you'll already know. It's a little rat to represent my Chinese New Year Animal. I think he looks super sweet and adds a little something to my bracelet as he dangles.

Well that's all of my charms for now at least. I hope you enjoyed something a little different, let me know if you did in the comments and if you'd like to see a Pandora update in the future when I have a few more charms. 


Product's I Regret Buying:


I have to admit I feel a little guilty putting this post up because I'm so used to reviewing products I love or at least giving balanced reviews on things, though these products are ones that I just haven't enjoyed using at all.

First thing's first is something that I've had for absolute years. It was one of my very first items of make up on a little Superdrug trip with my mum, I've had it so long that all of the packaging has rubbed off and I've had to have a little Googling session to be able to tell you that the product in question is Miss Sporty's So perfect Stay Cover stick. This is quite possibly the thickest cover stick I've ever used, it leaves your face feeling heavy and weighed down, not to mention the fact is highlights any bit of rough or dry skin (including in places you didn't realise you had any). The colour is also pretty orange toned too which is just the mouldy cherry on top of a very disappointing cake for me. If I had to give you any positives it would be that for those random under the skin red spots it's a good little cover up but I've still found much better.

Next is the Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lipstick's as an overall. The colour I have is Autumn Sunset which in the bullet looks like a really lovely warm toned pink colour but comes out as a faint almost white colour (if any colour pay off comes our at all) I've found this with all of their lipsticks and I used to think it was just me until a conversation came about with a group of my friends that had them all saying the same things. All of the lipsticks are practically white, slippy, lack colour pay off and enhance every dry patch and crack in the lips.

Another disappointing lipstick is Barry M's lipstick in Marshmallow (101). This is a really thick and almost hard formula which means you can feel it pulling your lip around as you apply it. As well as this the colour is almost white and feels very heavy and unnatural on the lips. In a strange way though I don't regret buying it to an extent because it has been the perfect colour for both my Barbie Makeup Tutorial, and Vampire Tutorial.

The Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter B.B cream was a huge mistake buying. It claimed to be a light colour whereas it's actually one of the darkest I've ever seen in a skinbase aimed at light skin. Not only this but it was ridiculously shiny leaving me looking like I'd been through five trips to the gym in a horrible almost ill sheen. When wearing this all day I'd look in the mirror at the end of the day and find awful patches in some places and it had completely gone in others! 

This product is not so much a bad product than an unnecessary one for me. This is Marc Daniels "Go Curly" Serum which makes hair curly and smooth. I know what you're thinking why on earthh do I own something that makes hair go curly when I already have really curly hair naturally? I bought this years ago when my hair was only wavy but then out of no where a few years a go it developed into the strong ringlets I have today leaving me with no need for this serum.

When I was younger this Shampoo and Conditioner used to be one of my favourites (Alberto Balsam's Juicy Green Apple) however I don't know why or how but my scalp seem to have developed into something that severely disagrees with it. It makes my scalp itch like it never has before and feel really tight and uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether this happens to everyone or if it's just my scalp but I hugely regret buying these and I know for certain I'll never be using it again.

That's all for another post, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if disappointing products are something you's like to see more of instead of only good reviews. Personally I think popping these posts I every now and again would be something a little different from the usual posts I upload.


A Week With No Makeup:


Not long a go I decided that I would make an effort to go a week without make up just to see what it would do to my skin and my confidence. I haven't changed anything else be it my skincare or my diet that will have affected my skin so that I could see what the results would be. After the end of the week I thought I'd write down my experience's through out the time.

Now, for some of you a week may not sound like too long a time, but for me (although I have been known to go barefaced a lot of the time) an entire week totally barefaced is a pretty big deal.

I'll start by talking about how it's changed my skin and then go on to my confidence. First off, by the end of the week I don't think I've ever felt my skin so soft, the break from make up must have really given my skin care routine a chance to work its very best at looking after me because also the little spots that I had started to develop had disappeared too. Going without foundation for a while is a well recommended tip to help soothe redness in the face. I didn't think that it would be something that I'd experience because a week just didn't seem like long enough for me but it turns out it was enough time to make a start. By the end of the few days a little of the redness along my cheeks and nose had begun to fade and I also noticed that the bags under my eyes became less noticeable too. All in all in terms of skincare and looks it's really good for you to give your face a rest every now and again as it lets your skin heal itself and become less dependant on make up.

As for the confidence I felt. On the first day I was very aware of the fact I had no make up on in front of people who most of which had only ever seen me completely made up. However, as the day and then the next day wore on I realised that no one mentioned the fact my face was naked (the way I say had no make know because I'm normal like that) and if they did mention anything it would be a compliment or telling me they wished they looked like that with no make up on. So not only the fact I was doing it but the fact I had support and lovely comments from my friends really helped to boost my confidence through out the week. On the third day I had to go into college after a really sleepless night, having had just four hours sleep and it's safe to say I felt and looked awful. I had big puffy eyes and great big bags and we all know how dull your skin can look if it's not had much sleep. I persevered though, and I'm proud of myself for doing it. I kept my bottle of water with me all day to wake me and my skin up and then just avoided mirrors as best I could. By the end of the week it felt almost completely natural to not have any make up on because I'd made myself get so used to it. I was still getting compliments and thanks to the improvements of my skin I was feeling good too. 

Overall I can safely say that if you're feeling a little brave or if your skin is just begging you for a break then give it a go because I found it really helpful and would definitely think of doing it again at some point in the future. 

Let me know if you give it a go in the comments, and I'll see you all soon. 

Haul: New Look, Bodycare & Superdrug:


To celebrate getting my first pay check from work I got a few little things from town after college not too long a go. I didn't get a lot because I don't want to send all of my money at once and be stuck for the rest of the month.

The first thing I got was from Bodycare, this is actually for my little sister who's been having trouble with frizzy hair for a while. When I saw that this was olive based I picked them up for her because olive oils are really good for skin and hair so I thought she could try it out and see if it makes a difference.

From Superdrug I picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (I know FINALLY!) I've been needing a new foundation for ages and since it's getting slowly but surely closer to summer and this was on offer for just £4.99 I thought I'd try this out as it's a lighter coverage and has a dewy finish.

The only other thing I picked up in Superdrug was this blusher set in Calaforn.I.A. I'd planned on getting a lot more than this but they had asked every to start leaving because the shop was closing. It's a set of three warm shimmery toned cream blushes which I think will be perfect for Spring/Summer. I'm also trying to build up more of a cream blush collection so this is a nice addition.

Last but not least from New Look I got a nice pair of blue "super skinny" jeans. I've needed new jeans for a very long time not just because of colour fading but because they were literally falling off me where I stood. It's been such a nice feeling walking round without looking like a right weirdo keeping hold of your trousers. They're quite dark but have a lighter colour through the middle of the leg which should hopefully help me look a little taller. They feel really strong and good quality and soft too.

That's all for this haul if you liked the look of anything then please let me know if there's anything you want a more in depth review on in the comments.