Room Tour:


I must have promised this post about two months ago now but it's finally here. My room is now officially finished, newly decorated and I've thrown away the big pile of books and folders that came with A-Levels. I figured I better make the most of a work free room before I head off to uni and get snapping so here it is my new bedroom! 

Ok this is what you see as you walk into my bed room, the "theme" as it where is girly vintage with pinks and whites through out.  My wardrobe, drawers and bed are all from Ikea but are sadly now discontinued but everything else is a mixture of Primark and B&M.  On top of my wardrobe are some teddies, I'm not really a fan of keeping teddies and statues and figurines because I prefer a minimalist look with just beauty products such as perfumes out but all of these have sentimental value so they're staying with me. The fireplace my Dad actually made from scratch, the pink jewellery box and chest on top of it are both presents. On top of the fireplace I keep all my perfumes on the right and a vase and scent diffuser on the left. Along the bottom on the left is a candle and on the right are two jars full of quotes that a friend made me and the orchid from Valentines day I'm sure some of you will remember. As for the chest of drawers, under it I'm currently keeping the box I hold all my empties in for blog posts as well as the stationery I'm collecting for University. On top I've got my mirror the jewellery I wear every day (my Pandora and anniversary necklace), I also have a basket that holds my hairbrushes and jars of makeup brushes and a little tin that holds my cotton wool pads. The heart on my wall is from Primark.

The wall to the left of you as you walk in is fairly bare, on my radiator I keep some pretty magnets to pin important letters and things to remember on. I also keep my trilby Summer hat on the end as well as the bag I'm using at the moment. That's pretty much it apart from the basket that holds all my nail varnishes and my lamp. On the wall itself I have my big white frame of family photos. The light switch has been jazzed up a little too with a nice heart sticker making it a little different.

My main wall holds my bookshelf which, aside from books, holds little trinkets that have been presents. Underneath is the quote that my Dad hand painted as a birthday present to me "and though she be but little she is fierce" from Shakespeare. Wrapped around my bed are heart shaped fairy lights which are lovely to have on at night. On top of my bed I keep the book I'm reading and my two teddies from my childhood as well as the one my little cousin got me for my 18th. 

On my left bedside set of drawers I have all my everyday beauty products as well as little Ikea jars full of pens pencils and highlighters. Next to this I have wicker baskets which hold (bottom to top) paper, folders etc. in the middle one are all my beauty products and the top one holds figurines and stuff like that since, as I've said I really don't like lots of trinkets all over the place.

My left set of drawers has my stereo and date blocks, I also keep my bin in that corner too.

As for my final wall which holds the window, I've got pink curtains with light white lace curtains in the middle. In the very middle of the window hangs a heart shaped candle holder and on the extreme ends of the curtain pole hang sets of wicker hearts. Also on the window sill I've got little jars a blue, clear and pink which hold cotton wool and cotton buds. 

My light is amazing! I'm actually in love with it it's made up entirely of feathers! (From Ikea.) Under the window sits my mums sewing basket, she put it in here once whilst she was fixing something and we both agreed it matched the room. 

Speaking of my mum I want to take the opportunity to thank her because she pretty much did all of this from choosing the paint colour to the little details like adding the bow around my bin and making sure the wall and curtain colour matched and the wicker baskets and wicker of the bin were the same. She has amazing taste and I'm so grateful because she's given me a gorgeous room.

I know I've not really gone into crazy detail so if you have any questions then do ask away in the comments. I'm also sorry the pictures are a little grey but it's been bad weather here lately. I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll see you again on Thursday! 

Messy Curly Hairstyle:


It's not very often I do something new with my hair mainly because I'm trying to leave it alone and let it grow, but every now and again you have to do something different. 

For this look I simply brushed out my naturally curly hair which if you have curly hair you'll know means it goes really big and, what's a nicer word than bushy? We'll go with volumised. I then simply pulled my hair into a big high ponytail then pulled at the roots a little so it didn't look too tightly pulled back. I didn't do any back combing because I don't want to do too much damage.

After that I just pulled out the front sections that usually make up a side parting, but instead parted it in the middle. I applied some serum to try and tame the frizz and curled the side parts away from my face then ran my fingers through the curls to make them look smoother and more natural. Finally I just pinned up part of my shorter fringe from one side of my face to take away some of the roundness the curls had made and slim down my face a little. 

That's all for this post, this is actually my first hairstyle post so please do let me know what you think. Until then I'll see you all on Tuesday!


FOTD (feat. M.A.C Girl About Town):


I'm never usually brave enough to wear a brighter lip but when I do I love the way it looks. Girl About Town is a really perfect cross between pink and purple nice and bright too, so perfect for a warm toned took in Summer.

-Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 51
Rimmel Stay Matte - Transparent
MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation - Natural (as a light contour)
Accessorize Baked Blush - Bombshell
Bourjois Java Rice Powder - 51

Strike, Ambush & Smokeout - From Urban Decay Vice 2 (Smokeout used to create wing)
Collection Supersize Fat Lash Mascara - 1 Black 

 M.A.C - Girl About Town

I hope you enjoyed this FOTD if you did and you'd like to see more looks then please let me know.

River Island Light Green Mini Satchel Bag:


Meet my latest obsession, I bought this bag in Brighton and since then I cannot stop using it or just simply looking at it. It's a just beautiful bag and is perfect Summer what with the light mint colour and light gold detailing.

I like the fact it's a cross the body bag too which is much safer to carry around with you because it's harder for someone to pull off your body.

But, you also have the option of tucking in the straps and carrying it around by the handle on the top too. Which I do really like the look of. 

I love the look of satchels, always have but none has ever jumped out at me as much as this one. If you're interested in buying it then it can be purchased here. Just incase you're wondering this is not a sponsored post, I just really love this bag.

This is the first post I've ever dedicated to a single accessory. Would you like to see more like this perhaps with jewellery or an item of clothing? Let me know in the comments.

Summer Lookbook 2014:


-Necklace - New Look
-Dress - Discount Store in Leicester
-Shoes - Grey Nike Blazers

- Top & Skirt - Primark 

- Strappy Ruffled Top - Borrowed from my Mum
- Floral Trousers - House of Fraser
- Sandals - New Look

- Scalloped Crop Top & Dungarees - Topshop
- Sandals - Primark

- Scalloped Crop Top - Topshop 
- Skirt (Actually Neon Yellow) - H&M
 - Sandals - Primark 

 - Crop Top & High Waisted Midi Skirt - Discount Store in Leicester
- Sandals - Primark

Baggy Floral Crop Top - H&M
Brown Undertop - Primark
Striped Denim Shorts - Select
Shoes - Converse

That's all for my look book, I hope you enjoyed it, sorry the sun bleached out some of the colours and had me squinting but if you'd like to see more lookbook's or outfits then please let me know in the comments.


The British Tag:


I saw Sammi from TheBeautyCrush put up this video not long ago and I knew I had to do it because I am genuinely proud to be British. Sammi said that you have to be filming the tag with a cup of tea, but since I'm not filming here's a picture of mine whilst I type.

1. How many cups of tea a day, and how many sugars?

I'd say probably about 3 or 4 a day and I have two level teaspoons of sugar because all my mugs are huge! I also have to keep my spoon in my tea, don't ask me why but I just can't have a cup of tea without a spoon in it, I'll genuinely tell people off it they make me a tea and forget to leave the spoon in. I've been known to go to the drawer and get a clean spoon out because I really need one.

2. Favourite part of your roast?

It's got to be roast potatoes! As long as they're still nice and fluffy on the inside. I'm also a big fan of cauliflower cheese.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
Chocolate HobNob's without a doubt! They're amazing and the perfect biscuit for dunking because they don't fall to bits and land in your tea.

4. Favourite quintessentially British thing?

Definitely going for walks on the beach in miserable grey weather with your wellies on and having some fish and chips to try and warm you back up again. (We may have miserable weather but it's our miserable weather! Haha.)

5. Favourite word?

In terms of stereotypically British words I'd have to say I do say Bloody Hell a lot - which is technically two words but oh well!

6. Cockney rhyming slang?

Apples and pears (stairs), mince pies (eyes) butcher's hook (look) and frog and toad (road).

7. Favourite sweet?

I love sherbet lemons! Oh deal all these food questions are making me hungry.

8. What would your pub be called?

Hmmm, I really don't know about this one at all. Possibly something old style or vintage themed. I know I'd want it to be very rustic and cosy inside. With fireplaces and sofa's etc.

9. NO.1 British person?
This is another hard one, I love Maggie Smith though! She's such an amazing actress and I think she represents Britain so well, the woman was in Harry Potter, a British classic, and played Wendy in Hook with Peter Pan being another British classic!

10. Favourite shop/restaurant?

I'm a big fan of River Island lately in terms of shops and as for restaurants, I love this pub/restaurant called The Forge, which featured in my birthday blogpost. You can really tell that they put time and effort into their food, it's also a mixture of family friendly and quiet and peaceful.

11. What British song pops into your head?

As soon as I saw this question I instantly thought of The Spice Girls, who wouldn't!? *sings and does a little dance around bedroom*

12. Marmite?

That's all for this blogpost, if you want to give this tag a go then please do consider yourself tagged. Also if you'd like to see more tags here then please let me know. Hope you enjoyed the post, see you again come Tuesday!


Current Book Wishlist:


If you know me well then you'll know that curling up with a cup of tea and a book (as stereotypically British as that is) makes me a very happy girl indeed. I've actually had to put myself on a book buying ban because I've bought so many books that I've hardly read most of them because I can't keep up with myself. None the less, I still have a huge wishlist and I thought some of you may be interested. I've also done a post on my favourite "Chick-lit" books too.

The first is actually a set of books, Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras by Scott Westerfield, I've heard that if you like The Hunger Games then you'll like these books, and I more than like The Hunger Games, so I definitely want to give these a read. The novels were actually brought out before The Hunger Games trilogy but that was when I was much younger and still perfectly happy with my Jacqueline Wilson and nothing else, but now I've grown and my tastes have changed. I'll admit I know next to nothing about the stories, but it comes highly recommended.

This is another of my obsessions shining through, I'm in love with the show Wicked and as soon as I found out it had been based on a book I knew I just had to read it! If you don't know what it's about then, basically Gregory Maguire is telling the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz became "Wicked". I won't say anything about the story so as not to ruin anything for you but it's an amazing musical and so hopefully and amazing book too. I'm not even that big a fan of The Wizard of Oz as it is yet I love Wicked so don't let that put you off.

 Can you tell I'm a musical fan? If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that all I do is tweet about wanting to see Les Mis on stage, I have both the movie and the 25th Anniversary edition on DVD and I also really want to read the book. I know it's crazily thick and I'll probably have to read something happy and funny afterwards to recover but I'm still really interested to see how they made a musical out of a book and see what the original story was.

I must have picked this book up in Waterstones but then put it down again soon afterwards, convincing myself I really don't need another book about a million times. Now though, I just think if I've picked it up so many times and wanted it for so long I really should get it. It's about a man who dies and meets 5 people when he gets to heaven who explain to him how he's reached their lives in one way or another. I think it sounds like a really nice book, the kind that you read and feel relaxed. I may well be wrong having not read it but there's only one way to find out.

 A Casual Vacancy, quite simply because I'm curious. What did J.K do after Harry Potter? I'm not sure whether I'll like this book or not because I'm worried all I'll be able to think is this isn't Harry Potter! Hopefully, J.K.Rowling will be talented enough to make me forget about that as I read and just focus on the story at hand. 

That's all for this wishlist (or at least I thought I'd keep it at five because if I wrote about all the books I wanted we'd be here all day). What about you? Do you have any recommendations for me? If you do please leave them in the comments I'm always looking for new books because they're one of my many obsessions. See you next Saturday!