Huge Primark Haul (Home Decor):


Not too long ago my Mum and I did some pretty serious damage in Primark. I mostly got stuff for my new room because I'm decorating it, but I'll start by showing you the shoes I picked up.

The first pair are these smart looking black pumps with tassles. I loved them instantly because they look really good quality as well as being lovely. They feel really sturdy on too I can see them lasting me years.

I also got this mustard coloured pair of brown lace up boots. These are amazingly soft they literally fit around you feet and whenever you wriggle your toes or feet around the shoes move with them. They look like a nice mixture between smart and casual so I can get away with wearing them most days.

I picked up some insoles too because I have a few size 4 shoes that are too big.

Now, onto the homey things. I fell in love with this throw which has a patchwork of different vintage looking prints all over it. The theme I'm going for is vintage and because this measures to slightly larger than my bed it means I can throw it over a bed without having to worry too much about what the duvet underneath looks like. Also, having an extra blanket around in England is never a bad idea considering our weather.

I got these beautiful little fairylights too in little wicker white hearts. I'm thinking of wrapping these around the head of my bed because they should look really nice there. As well as that I can imagine reading by soft fairylight I bet it would feel nice and cosy.

To match the lights I picked up these two sets of hanging wicker hearts. I'm not sure where they're going to go at the moment but I'm thinking of hanging them from each end of the curtain poles.

This candle matches the pretty bottle I was given for Christmas  so I'm going to pop them next to each other. Little things make a big difference when it comes to decorating I think and small trinkets are a big part of a vintage theme. 

Sticking with scented things I picked up some red berry and orchid scented incense.

Last but not least I picked up some dusky pink coloured curtains. They're long enough to reach the floor and match the colours in the throw I got so should help to tie the room together nicely.

That's all for another blogpost let me know if you enjoyed it. Also would you like to see a room tour when everything is complete?