Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair:


Before I get started I have to say that I'm writing this post with my boyfriend's two cats on the computer desk that seem to be determined to distract me as much as possible and follow the mouse icon around the screen while I work. So if there are a few mistakes or repetitive parts in this post then apologies in advance.

On to the main point of this post however, I know that the title makes this sound disgusting but just to clarify I do actually wash my hair just not as often as most people do. I aim to go for as long as possible without washing my hair, usually only lasting around the week mark although a lot of my friends have lasted much longer than that, I don't know how they do it. 

I suppose you might be wondering why on earth my friends an I go so long without washing our hair. The truth of the matter is that it makes your hair so much stronger and healthier if you let it get (and I'm sorry there is no nice way of saying this) a little greasy every now and again. I don't claim to be a scientist although I've been trying to find out a bit more about how this works for you all. Basically allowing your hair to get a little greasy means the natural oils in your hair have longer to develop and nourish your hair. After a few days of showing up and feeling a bit gross then your oils will begin to sink back into the hair follicles making them smoother, stronger and healthier. It will also help your hair grow too so if you're looking for ways to promote hair growth and keep your hair in good condition while it's growing this will be perfect for you. 

If you're worried about the smell or the way your hair looks then you really don't have to. Just make sure that your hair gets aired out every now and again so don't keep it all tied up in a bobble too much, especially just after a wash, make the most of it looking and feeling clean by leaving it down and letting it get aired out as much as possible, at least for the first few days. Some of you may be thinking that there's no way you could manage just a few days let alone a week or longer without washing your hair, and neither did I when I was first introduced to the idea of going without washing my hair. I used to wash my hair every other day without fail, then I slowly escalated going from every other day to leaving three days in between washes, now I'm managing to go longer and longer without washes.

I know it's hard to shake the unclean feeling when you think about going without washing your hair. But it really doesn't mean that you're not clean, I still have regular showers and baths I just keep my hair tied up and out of the water, or you could invest in a shower cap, not very glamorous but it saves a lot of worry. 

I have to say that I've really found a huge difference in the strength, length and shininess of my hair since starting this. It can be hard to start with but after a while the long term benefits can really show through and make you want to keep at it. If you don't think you could manage it as an everyday thing then I would recommend giving it a go when you're on holiday or aren't planning on going anywhere too special for a while just as a little treat for your hair to give it a bit of extra nourishment.

Ok that's the end of another blog post,with the cats now curled up having a sleep on my lap it doesn't look like I'm going to be going anywhere for a while. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did or you think you're going to give this a go then let me know in the comments I'd love to hear if you're doing the same as I am and what experiences you've had. 


How to: Fix Your Gloopy Nail Varnish:


We've all been there you've got your base coat all nice and dry then you go to open an old favourite Nail Varnish that you've had for ages but haven't used in a while and it's a nasty gloopy mess. It always makes my heart sink a little when I see such a beautiful nail varnish in a bit of a mess it's never the same as before, it doesn't apply the same and doesn't look right when it's dry.

Well ladies I have your answer:

That's right Nail Varnish Remover, now don't worry you haven't clicked this post looking for help only for me to suggest that you take your nail varnish off and start again with a different colour. What I'm actually going to suggest is that you take a very very small amount of the remover (just a drop or two) and put it in your nail varnish bottle. Then, close your nail varnish and shake everything together. As long as your nail varnish hasn't been left so long that it's beyond help when you open the bottle up again it should be as good as new.

I hope this tip helps you out a little and if you use it and it works then please let me know in the comments. 


Review: Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask:


Curly hair can be a real problem in terms of keeping it in good condition because it tends to get very dry and broken faster than those of you with straight or wavy hair. Thanks to my curly hair I'm always trying out all kinds of tips and tricks or products to keep as much moisture in my hair as possible. 

The latest product I'm in love with is this Argan Oil hydrating hair mask. It's really thick in texture and you hardly need any to coat the lengths of your hair. As your putting it on you can really feel that it's doing your hair so much good. It says you should leave it in for 7-10 minutes but even when I don't leave it in for that long I notice a difference in my hair. I not only look much more shiny but it also feels much softer and any split ends seem to be much less visible. 

Not only is it enriched with Argan oil, which is well known for being good for the hair, it is also full of protein and Keratin to strengthen the hair, meaning that continued use really does make a difference in the way your hair feels and looks. I would really recommend picking this up if you've got thick or dry hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post I'll see you all again very soon. 


Disney Snow White FOTD:


Can you tell I'm a Disney fan? Haha. This is I think my fourth Dinsey look and I intend to do many more. If you've got some requests please let me know. This post is based on Snow White.

First things first is super pale skin (which wasn't too hard for me because I'm already a very pale person). I used a pale foundation and packed a pale powder over the top to give maximum coverage. The eyebrows were supposed to be very thin like the picture I was using but sadly I got a little carried away, but they're black so I got one thing right at least. In the pictures I looked at the eye makeup was very top heavy with white all over the lid then a black liner along the top and loads of lashes, whilst the lower eye was completely clean.

The rest of the face involved A LOT of blush and not just on the apples of the cheeks but all over along with some shimmery highlight along the nose and tops of cheeks to give off a nice youthful look. 

Last but not least it wouldn't be a Snow White themed look without a bright red lipstick. 

That's all for this post there really wasn't much too this look but if you liked it I'd love to know. 
I'll see you all again soon!

FOTD: Warm Natural Makeup


I think this is a really nice natural look for Summer. Since there's nothing skilled about this look I'm going to go old school EJEbeauty and just list the products I've used here:

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Light Porcelain 
MUA Pressed Powder in shade 1
MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation in 03
MUA Pressed Bronzer in shade 3
Sleek Cream Blusher in O.C
Topshop Glow Highlight in Polished
W7 Light Brown Eyeshadow (for the brows)
Sidecar and Sin from the Naked Palette
Collection Supersize Fat Lash Mascara in Black
Rimmel  Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nude Pink 206

That's all for this post if you like these old style make up looks that are more everyday then let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to do more of them.