Floral Spring Green Makeup:


Today is one of those looks that happen when you look at something and get struck by inspiration, this time it's this stunning floral head band. It finally seems to be getting a little warmer so I thought it was time I did some fresh and bright looks. 

The base is very low coverage and fresh, because when it's sunny you don't want to be caked in heavy high coverage makeup. The eyebrows are much lighter than usual for me too because I always lean towards lighter brows in Summer. As for my cheeks I did little to no contouring because I feel like it looks a little harsh come Summer, and the blush is a fresh and glowy one. I didn't add any highlighting because of the amount of shimmer in the blush. I added a fresh pink lipstick to tie everything together and to match the pink of the headband.

The eyes are the main focus of the look. I used one of each colour in the headband. Starting in the inner corner I highlighted using a really bright shimmery yellow colour and really packed it on to make it last. The rest of the lid was a bright green which I stopped just before the crease, I blended it all out using a very bright pink colour. I added a thin line of black along the lashes to intensify them, and added lots of mascara to open up my eyes a bit in competition with the amount of product on them.