Review: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel:


I've featured this cleansing gel in a haul before but realised I had promised to update you all on it but never did. So better late than never I thought it was high time I gave it the full review it deserves.

This cleansing gel is bright orange out of the pump but melts into the skin completely when you rub it in. As soon as you begin to wash it off with water it turns into what I could almost describe as a white bubbly paste, it's very thick.

It has a very luxurious smell and works amazingly at taking every scrap of makeup off with minimum effort involved. It instantly melts away your makeup. When you wash it off you can feel that you have very clean and fresh skin, it doesn't leave a layer of oil or anything like that but you don't feel as though your skin has been stripped either.

All in all I would say that this a my dream cleanser, it doesn't break me out, removes makeup quickly and easily, feels luxurious and does great things for the skin. I would say that this is definitely worth treating yourself with whenever you fancy something a little more high end.