Naturally Fuller Looking Lips:


My lips are naturally quite plump anyway but sometimes I like to make them look even bigger but not too fake. To do this I just use two simple steps:

I've started with a matte lipstick so that you can really see the difference through the steps.

To add a naturally plump look you want to make it look like the light is hitting the larger parts of your lips. To achieve this apply a clear (or a similar colour to you lipstick) gloss on the very top of the top lip and blend outwards along the top of the lip line. Also add some to the middle of the bottom lip and lightly blend out along the middle line too. This makes the lips look much fuller from every angle.

As a final touch apply some highlight to the cupids bow and some bronzer underneath the bottom lip. This makes the top lip look raised at the top and the bottom lip look bigger because it looks like the skin under the lip is further away than it actually is.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you try this out with a make up look and how it worked for you.