How To Dry Your Nail Varnish Instantly:


And for free too! 

 This one's going to be another one of those quick tip little posts that seem to go down really well. I can't remember where I read this but a few years a go I discovered that if you immerse your hands in cool water after you've painted your nails then they will instantly dry.

That's right all you need is a little bowl of water. Although usually I just fill up the sink, but for the purposes of it looking a little better and not having to use the dodgy lighting in my bathroom I've used a bowl here. Because all you need is water it means that this tip is totally free. 

After you take your hands out of the water be careful drying them because if you drag them around on a towel then it will disrupt the nail varnish and look ridiculous. Also make sure you're using completely still water with no bubbles in it because the bubbles will settle on your nails and when they come off the nail they will leave a strange pattern of dimples along the nail.

I hope you enjoyed another little tip and if you did or if you try this out please let me know in the comments. Also if you've got any beauty tips then please feel free to leave them in the comments it would be nice to get a bit of a discussion going.