Disney Snow White FOTD:


Can you tell I'm a Disney fan? Haha. This is I think my fourth Dinsey look and I intend to do many more. If you've got some requests please let me know. This post is based on Snow White.

First things first is super pale skin (which wasn't too hard for me because I'm already a very pale person). I used a pale foundation and packed a pale powder over the top to give maximum coverage. The eyebrows were supposed to be very thin like the picture I was using but sadly I got a little carried away, but they're black so I got one thing right at least. In the pictures I looked at the eye makeup was very top heavy with white all over the lid then a black liner along the top and loads of lashes, whilst the lower eye was completely clean.

The rest of the face involved A LOT of blush and not just on the apples of the cheeks but all over along with some shimmery highlight along the nose and tops of cheeks to give off a nice youthful look. 

Last but not least it wouldn't be a Snow White themed look without a bright red lipstick. 

That's all for this post there really wasn't much too this look but if you liked it I'd love to know. 
I'll see you all again soon!