How to: Fix Your Gloopy Nail Varnish:


We've all been there you've got your base coat all nice and dry then you go to open an old favourite Nail Varnish that you've had for ages but haven't used in a while and it's a nasty gloopy mess. It always makes my heart sink a little when I see such a beautiful nail varnish in a bit of a mess it's never the same as before, it doesn't apply the same and doesn't look right when it's dry.

Well ladies I have your answer:

That's right Nail Varnish Remover, now don't worry you haven't clicked this post looking for help only for me to suggest that you take your nail varnish off and start again with a different colour. What I'm actually going to suggest is that you take a very very small amount of the remover (just a drop or two) and put it in your nail varnish bottle. Then, close your nail varnish and shake everything together. As long as your nail varnish hasn't been left so long that it's beyond help when you open the bottle up again it should be as good as new.

I hope this tip helps you out a little and if you use it and it works then please let me know in the comments.