40's Inspired Makeup


Ok, first of all yes I am wearing my boyfriend's T-shirt but let's look past that ;). I've been obsessed with the 40's era since I was very young and we started learning about WWII in school. Don't ask me why but it's really stuck with me and I find it so interesting. I also adore the make up hence this post, I've tried to stick to it as much as possible but I did go a little thicker with the eyeliner than most of the pictures I was looking at.

I started off with a nice pale base and powdered to make it matte. The eyebrows I saw in the pictures were pretty similar to mine a little rounded at the top and fairly full so I didn't do much different to my usual routine there, I put plenty of pink blush all over my cheeks with a very minimal amount of contouring under the cheek bone and a tiny bit of highlight. The eyeshadow was very simple just a light brown and then a darker brown through the crease. Then, of course it wouldn't be a 40's look without some winged liner, but mainly clean along the bottom of the line. Last but not least the pop of bright red along the lip. I love this look and I think I may try and push my confidence more and wear it out at the next opportunity. 

I sent this picture to my friends when I finished doing my make up and it was silly enough that I wanted to put it up here too! 

What do you think about the look and what's your favourite makeup era? Let me know in the comments!