New Year's Resolutions Update:



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At the very beginning of this year I posted about my new years resolutions and I thought since it's been almost half a year (ALREADY?!) I'd take a look back and see how well I've done. 

1. Drink More Water: 

I'd say that I've definitely been doing well with this so far this year, I keep a glass constantly topped up by my bed and have taken to carrying a water bottle with me when I'm out and about so I don't get too dehydrated. I've also started to notice more when I'm thirsty whereas before I was so used to not having any water in my system that I didn't even notice how thirsty I was. A definite improvement and I've found that you feel much better about yourself when you know you're looking after yourself and part of that is drinking enough water.

2. Making Time For Breakfast: 

This one has been a little up and down, I started off so well having a good breakfast every day. But then the rush to get ready in the morning took over and breakfast was soon replaced by a quick snack during my break, which isn't really the same. Lately, though, I have been getting back on track and I've started being sure to have some breakfast in the mornings. So, both good and bad for this one but still I'll keep trying with it because breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.

3. Relax!:

Oh how naive I was telling myself that I was going to be able to keep calm and not stress this year. I certainly picked a silly year for it, finishing off my A Levels (which I certainly underestimated the difficulty of), applying for University offers, then sorting out student finance, job hunting as well as a few unexpected personal things that popped up have certainly made this year one to remember, but it hasn't made it possible to stop and relax. I'll try very hard over the Summer to keep calm but so far I've definitely failed with this one. It's been a stressful year for sure!

What about you? What were your resolutions, and how have they been coming along, fizzled out by the end of January or still going strong? Let me know in the comments.