Top 10 Bucket List:


*image from WeHeartIt*

I thought it was time for another personal post today because I feel like it's a while since I've done one. We all have bucket lists whether they be literal written out lists or simply dreams that we like to think of when our mind wanders. These things are in no particular order I'm just writing things down as they come to me.

1. Go to Paris:

From everything I've seen in videos, films and pictures Paris looks like the most beautiful of places. As well as this I'm a real sucker for tourist attractions like the Eiffel tower, I also love finding little quiet places on holiday and I think Paris would have a nice mixture of the two. It's definitely on my list to go to the lovers bridge and leave a padlock on it. Not only this but what kind of girl would I be if I didn't want to have a wander round some lovely French pharmacies and shops?! 

2. To Do Charity Work in Underprivileged Areas:

I cry every time I watch Red Nose Day or Sports Relief and I'm fully aware that I lead a very lucky and privileged life. I don't think it's fair at all to live such a nice life without trying to help others and I think there's a difference between holding cake sales, buying T-shirts and being sure to always grab a copy of the Big Issue whenever you have loose change on you and doing some proper hard charity work and seeing the other side of things. Not only would I love to do this work to help others but I know it would be an amazing experience and could help me to be truly grateful for what I have.

3. Make the Most of University:

A part of this will probably be by doing charity work whilst I'm there but as well as that I'd really like to make the most of the experience as a whole. I've always been a very dependant person and rely on my parents and school to look after me, tell me what I'm doing when and help me. Now I know at University I'll still have help where I need it but I definitely want to use University to become a much more confident and independent person. I've been working on it for the past year really hard but I think these three years are what will really help me become an adult. I'm determined to force myself into things I usually wouldn't and some extra-curricular activities.

4. Become More Fit:

This one seems strange because (not to come across as braggy) but when looking at me I know I'm not overweight, but I am extremely unfit. I'm the kind of person that can't even run up the stairs or walk up a hill without getting a little out of breath and it's something I really want to work on. The problem is I cannot stand sport, especially competitive sport. I do however,  have a real enjoyment for yoga and aerobics and used to be in a club at my school before it got cancelled. Lately I've been thinking of joining a gym purely for those classes and to get my fitness levels up again. 

5. Grow My Hair Much Longer:

When I straighten my hair it hits the middle of my ribs at the moment, sadly my hair is most definitely not straight naturally and falls into quite tight ringlets. Which means that it looks like my hair is just past my shoulders when really it's much longer. Years and years ago I had super long and straight hair naturally. It was so long that I could sit on it but then puberty hit and I decided to get all rebellious and cut it all crazy short to follow my jawline. To this day I don't know what has happened to it since but it has become naturally curly instead of straight. Nevertheless I'm determined to grow it as long as  I can and keep it in the best condition possible.

6. Spend Some Time in Brighton:

I've heard nothing but lovely things about Brighton and from what I've seen of the Pier, The Lanes and all the adorable little shops and beaches around there it looks like the kind of place that is right up my alley. It seems to have just the right mix of busy town like things to do and quiet peaceful places to relax and get away from it all.

7. Take a First Holiday Without My Parents:

Now, don't get me wrong I love my family and going on holiday with them but I think it's another big part of growing up to take your first holiday away with someone else. I have no idea where I'd want this to be or when (possibly Brighton?!) but I know I'd love to go soon, purely for the experience.

8. Go to America:

It looks like such an amazing place, and lets face it everyone has grown up watching films based in the big hustle and bustle of America. The shopping, the tourist attractions, the hot weather what more could someone ask for? Especially having been born and raised in rainy old Britain. I love Britain I truly do rain and all but it is nice when it lets up every now and again.

9.  Get the Feeling I've Really Pushed Myself:

I'd love to do something totally adventurous like climb a mountain or something like that. I can imagine just a huge sense of achievement stood on the top of a mountain or something similar and being able to look around and feel like you're on top of the world. There has to be some amazing feeling that comes with that to look around and think, yeah, I've done that.

10. Know How to Drive:

I'm taking lessons at the time of writing this but because I'm planning these posts so far in advance what with my A Levels taking full control, so I don't know quite how far into it I'd be when this post comes out but I really do want to be able to drive. Not only would it hold a huge sense of accomplishment for me (especially as I'm someone who seriously lacks hand eye coordination) but I'd love the freedom of being able to just hop in a car and going wherever I needed to without having to ask for lifts or plan it with my parents before hand. My mum and dad have both always been lovely about taking me places and last minute can I go round so and so's houses, but to not have to ask them would be very nice.