Empties #4:


It's that's time again. I've letting my empty bottles and tubes build up and now it's time to give you some little reviews of the products I've finished up.

First things first this is the Beauticology shower gel in Cherry Candy Cane. If you saw my Christmas post then you'll know I got this for Christmas. I'm glad I did because it lathers up so nicely and makes really nice soft feeling bubbles, which leaves your skin super soft. The smell is amazing too, I'm not quite sure where the candy cane comes in to it but you can really smell the cherry. If you like cherry bakewells then you'd love it because it smells exactly the same.

The next thing is the Rimmel Match Perfection. This has been flying around people's blogs and Youtube channels of late and I know why. It replaced my 2 or 3 year long love for Healthy Mix, which I do still love but prefer this at the moment. It has such a good coverage and gets rid of any redness or darker areas, but is super light weight in feeling and leaves a nice dewy effect to the skin. The only negative is that you can't use it for photography because it has an SPF in it. I would definitely repurchase this though.

Another part of the Beauticology set I got for Christmas was the Pink Peppermint body lotion, I used this all over my body and then towards the end of its use when I had started to move on to other moisturisers I kept it by my bed to use as a hand cream at night. The smell was very true to the name a sweet peppermint, and it felt very cooling so you could use it on your feet too. It was a very thin consistency and so doesn't moisturise too well but it sinks in nicely.

This next product featured in a very old post of mine (here) and I've finally worked my way through it all. You should all know by now that I'm a huge Soap & Glory fan and the Heel Genius foot cream is no exception. Everything I said in the other post about loving it and it doing my feet wonders still stands, and I think it would be nice to pick up now it's getting warmer too because I don't know about you but I'm on my feet much more in Summer than any other time of the year.

Last but not least comes this Garnier Fresh Essential Refreshing Gel Wash. This had it's own first impressions and I said there that I would give it a more indepth review when I'd used it all up. I still love the smell and the fact it made my skin feel really fresh and clean. However, on the other hand, I didn't like the fact it sometimes dried out my face a little and made my skin feel quite tight.  It claims to have purifying agents which I do agree with but to a little bit too much of an extent for me to use everyday. I probably would repurchase this but only to use every other day or so to clarify my skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post I really like putting together empties posts so I hope you like reading them.