First Impressions: GOSH Show Me Volume Mascara:


I've never really used anything from GOSH before, I've always liked the look of the brand and have a few eyeshadows from them that I like using but in terms of choosing things for myself on the highstreet I always tend to lean towards other brands.

I picked this mascara up not too long ago and thought I'd use it to get back into doing First Impressions again. 

The packaging feels very lightweight when you hold it and in my opinion it does look quite low end with the brand name written all over it in gold, but it's what's on the inside that counts. So, as for the brush my first impressions of it were that it was massive!  About the size of my eye, which I found made it a little tricky to keep my eyelids clean when I was applying the product. 

The consistency of the product was almost a strange mixture of very wet (as with all new mascaras) and yet almost dry and flaky too. I know this is supposed to be a fist impressions but I did find that with a few uses it began to dry very harshly and flake down the face a little.



As you can see it does provide a fair amount of volume whilst still separating the lashes nicely. This picture was taken after a good few coats and so you can see it doesn't clump up very much at all.

All in all a good mascara so far and I definitely intend to continue to use it as it really seems to do a good job.