"How Many Stupid Times a Day I use the Word I"


Yes I am using a Princess Diaries quote as the title of my post, because I love it it's one of my favourite lines from the movies. (Perhaps besides the famous "make all the boy moose go muuuahhh!" from the second film!) I think the reason it sticks with me so much is because personally I really relate to it. I'm the first to admit after taking a look at myself that I can be a very selfish person. I mean, who isn't when it comes right down to it. This sounds very harsh I know but have a proper think how many times have you had a conversation with someone and found yourself replying with something like "oh yes that happened to me" or "I know how you feel, I remember once..." e.t.c. and then going on to talk about yourself? We don't even know we're doing it!

Even when blogging it's hard not to just talk about yourself. This is my favourite product, I wanted to do a post like this, it suits my skin tone well and so on. I hope I remember this post in future so up coming reviews can be more about what other kinds of skin people would suit basically about talking about someone other than me. Of course I can't realistically say that I'm never going to mention myself or my views in my posts because at the end of the day this is my blog and reviews will be from my point of view. 

When someone asks you a favour, do you find yourself agreeing more if it suits you and your plans? Maybe you don't and I really am just a selfish person, but I have a feeling it's a part of human nature to be a little selfish. Now there's nothing wrong with being selfish sometimes you really need it. For example cutting someone damaging out of your life because they were just bringing you down, but we all need to do good for others too. That's definitely something I want to work on.

*image from weheartit*

I don't really know what I'm trying to get to happen with this post, but I just found it an interesting topic, if you do too then please do start a discussion in the comments. I think the main thing to come from this blog, for me at least, is that I'll try to listen to others and instead of turning a conversation on to me perhaps ask how they feel about a situation or what their opinions of something are. Or even if you're just quite a closed off person giving someone a big hug when they need it. I hope this post didn't come across preachy because I really don't want it too, as I've said I too am a selfish person and this is something I've found about myself that I don't like and wanted to talk about it. No one is perfect.