Review: Nspa Coconut Body Set:


I bought this set a long time ago but it's taken me a while to get through it because of all the products I had. The set includes a rich body butter, a shower and bath gel and a daily refresh shower scrub.

I worked through the scrub the fastest, although I have a sneaking suspicion that my family have helped me getting through. It had plenty of particles in it but they didn't seem very scrubby. They're very good for refreshing your skin and getting the blood flowing but less good if you want to actually scrub off dead skin cells. 

The shower gel was very nice and very strong smelling, I used it not only as a shower gel but also as a bubble bath. It made lots and lots of sweet smelling long lasting bubbles and made my skin feel really clean and soft.

As for the body butter it had a good balance between thick and moisturising but light and able to sink into the skin straight away so you're not left feeling sticky and left unable to put your clothes on for a while. This too left my skin feeling very soft and well looked after.

All three products claim to be full of natural vitamins good for the skin and they really must be because I have to say whilst using the set my skin felt so soft that I can't remember it ever feeling so good, the scent also lingered well in between washes. The coconut scent is lovely for summer but there are plenty of other scents available and I'll definitely be tempted to try them out now I've finished these.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you've got any other skin care suggestions then please do let me know.