My 1st Blogiversary!


Today it's been a year since I made this blog, in other words it's my blog's first birthday. It's also my boyfriend's birthday which I have to mention because bless him he spent his birthday sat down convincing me to start blogging and making it for me, I wouldn't have blogging as my hobby if it weren't for him and now I don't know what I'd do without it so I wanted to say thankyou. (Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) 

The first post you can read on here isn't until the 12th but I actually put up a post on the 7th but took it down over time because it was just so awkward and badly written. I thought I'd commemorate my first year of blogging by having a look back and forward. 

As for looking back, I would say that I never used to take blogging as seriously as I now do, I didn't have a schedule or care at all what the pictures looked like. I'd take pictures on my phone in the night with flash which would look just awful. Along with that I didn't like to take pictures of me or even know how to pose or what to do. I feel like I've done better with that. Also when I started I read hardly any blogs and so didn't really know how the community worked or what kind of posts to put up. I still don't have a lot of followers compared to lots of blogs I know, but considering I didn't even have facebook until the very end of 2012 let alone twitter, instagram and the like I'd say my view count and followers aren't too bad. I don't mind about the amount of followers as long as the ones I do have enjoy reading what I put and always come back to have a look. 

In terms of looking forward, I still use my phone for pictures because at the moment it's all I have but I wait until proper day time and do the best with what I have. I definitely want to get a proper camera with time and I'll certainly be saving up for a nice one. I'd love a Canon DSLR one but I know I'm going to have to start smaller and work my way up to a big camera, I also intend to teach myself how to use it well. I now have a schedule, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays there's always a post up. I schedule posts in advance so I never disappoint anyone. I want to keep up regular posts not only in hope of gaining more followers but also because I've truly fallen in love with blogging! I have to stop myself from scheduling too many posts at once because I get too far ahead. Also in the future I'd love to get a redesign and have a very professional looking blog, as much as I love my pretty pink girly blog, I'm trying to take it much more seriously now and I think I'm beginning to grow out of that kind of style. The blog design I'm currently in love with is Lily Pebbles' blog, it's the perfect mix of girly and sweet but professional, clean and minimalist looking. 

That's all for my post, I still can't believe it's been a year already, I hope my blog continues to grow and I want to say a huge thankyou to anyone that's ever left me a comment or even just enjoyed my blog because it's made me fall in love with it even more!