Book Review: The Book Thief:


This is going to be my first ever book review, which actually feels quite bizarre since I've had a deep love for books since I was a little girl. I recently finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and I must say I fell in love with it. To give a short and non spoilered summary it is about a young girl from Nazi Germany who moves in with her adoptive parents and the story of her life. The great twist behind it is that the book is not narrated by her, but by death.

The book has made me both laugh out loud and had me close to tears, I especially enjoyed the way it was laid out every now and then there would be a small interjection be it a thought, a small poem or a word definition to think about. I found that they would never distract you from the story but they were very cleverly written in a way that added a certain depth to the story.

This book often made me stop and think about many things such as love and war, warning as you would probably expect from any book set in Nazi Germany this is not too happy a read. If you're looking for something quick, light and carefree then I'd say maybe save this book for another day. Nonetheless I would hugely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Other than the occasional swear word, and of course the fact the main themes are war and death the book could be considered family suitable, my 13 year old sister has read it too.