"Space Dust" Purple & Gold Makeup:


Ok, so if you've followed my blog from the beginning then you'll know this isn't the first time I've been bored at home and ended up making a crazy make up look. This time I was intending to make a subtle gold eye look, but then it escalated and I started getting more and more adventurous making this the end result.

For the base of the look I just used a fairly high coverage foundation with a high coverage concealer over any imperfections. Then I went for a very dark and very strong contour in the cheeks, temple and under the chin, I also contoured my nose which is not something I do often but I really wanted long thin features with this look because I think it compliments it. To add to this I also highlighted the nose, cheeks and cubid's bow, after applying a warm toned but shimmery blusher.

Now comes the fun bit the eyes and lips. For the eyes I applied a primer because I really needed these products to stay put and they were very highly pigmented. After this, using a flat eye shadow brush, I layered up lots and lots of gold eye shadow on the inner half of my eye. For the outer half I used a fluffy, bit still fairly thin, brush and used a shimmery purple eye shadow, then to help pull everything together I lightly pulled the purple through the crease. You'll want to keep repeating the steps to keep building the colour up and get it at the level of intensity you want. Lastly for the eyes I moved the gold and purple under my eye to help make the look more tied together. I also added a warm highlight colour on the brow bone just to help blend the purple eye shadow out.

As for the lips this looks complicated but it really isn't. All you need to do is put on a thin layer of clear lip balm with some serious staying power. Then I just used the same eye shadow's that I used on my eye's and used my finger to press the colour into my lips. I used the gold in the middle and the purple on the outer sides of my lips because it makes your lips look fuller. Like with the eyes this took a few layers to get to the colour that I wanted because I really wanted it to be noticeable. To blend the colours together and make it look seamless just take your finger and lightly blend the colour's together. This is where the lip balm comes in handy as it makes everything so much easier as well as stopping the powder drying your lips out. 

At this point I decided that this was going to be an alienish or "out of this world" kind of look so I took the gold shimmer that I used and dusted it over the top of my cheeks. Sadly it doesn't show up to well on camera but it came out really nice looking speckly and like "space dust" hence the name of this post. 

That's it the final look, I'm sorry this really isn't a very wearable one but please don't be put off by the lip it can easily be replaced with a normal lipstick and the eyes toned down a few shades. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please let me know in the comments! I'll see you all next time!