A Teeny Tiny Haul:


Whilst on holiday in Dorset, I didn't really do any shopping other than food shopping, mainly because it wasn't that kind of holiday but also because we all needed a relax and I don't like the thought of dragging my boyfriend around shopping other than on special occasions.

The first thing I got was a cute and cosy Christmas jumper from Store Twenty One. I know it was October when I got this but I have such a love for Christmas any time of the year and just look how cute it is! A cute little Rudolph with a girly bow, would you have been able to leave it lying there in the perfect size AND on sale in the store? I know I didn't.

Secondly, if you follow me on instagram then you'll already have seen this but its a little vintage style ice cream tin from a souvenir shop. It goes with the vintage style cutesy decor that I'm beginning to introduce to my bedroom. I've been using it to store cotton wool pads in too so it has a use. I'm really not one of those people who likes the look of random figurines and clutter all over their shelves and desk. 

And, other than a few gifts I couldn't resist for my best friend, that's all I came home with from the week. It seems so strange to say that I'd usually be cramming bags back into the car when packing to come back home from the shopping I've been doing but I guess this was an off week! 


Have picked up anything you'd recommend from the shops lately? Or have you been relieved of the shopping bug for a while like me?