Review: MUA Pearl Eyeshadows:


Eye shadow's are one of my favourite items of make-up and MUA has always been one of my favourite brands. With that in mind how could I not love their pearl shadows.

I have shade 24, which is a gorgeous almost rose gold colour which you can blend out to be an almost purple toned pink or pack on to an light shimmery brown.

I also have shade 22 which is a opalescent baby pink which reflects light blues and pinks in the light. I tend to use this as a highlight. 

As you can see by the pictures they're very highly pigmented but sheer out well too. I've said before and I'll say it again that when it comes to MUA as a brand you're paying drug store prices for a high end quality product. The shadows stay all day and have a soft buttery texture, which at just £1 is a complete and utter dream come true! I would definitely recommend picking up these shadows next time you're out shopping whether you're just getting into make-up or have loved it for years