FOTD: Meg (Hercules) Inspired Makeup:


Hercules has to be one of my all time favourite films and considering I have crazy curly hair and my favourite colour is purple how could I not create a look inspired by Meg?

From the pictures I saw she had a completely flawless base with very angular features. So I really packed on the foundation, concealer and powdered an awful lot over the top to make sure the base was really flawless and high coverage. I also contoured a lot more than usual to really add definition to my face making it look so much more angular. I added a really little amount of a rose toned blush just on the apples of my cheeks because the picture I looked at had a little pink tone in it.

The eyes were my favourite park, there was no highlighting or crease work involved it was just block light toned purple up to the crease and stopping there in a block line. The eyeliner was kind of strange to draw because there was literally a dot at the outer corner of the eye and then a line all the way around the eye completely darkly lining it along with very long thin eyebrows, which I couldn't create too well because mine are so naturally thick.

For the lips she hardly had any definition to them they were very rounded but very dark purple. I filled in the top of my lip to make them look rounded but with a deep purple colour.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want any more Disney inspired post's then please let me know in the description.