Sudocrem The Saviour Product:


I think it's safe to say that we all hate spots. It's also pretty safe to say that we can't all afford the high end products that claim to keep your face spot free. Well here's a super cheap, super effective product that really does keep those spots at bay and your face clean and clear.

That's right Sudocrem, I know it's usually associated with babies, nappy rash and cuts, but there's a multitude of uses for it. It's perfect for popping on any bad patches of skin before bed and seeing how much they've improved the next morning. It helps dry out oily spots without drying out the rest of your face, soothe painful spots as well as bringing down the redness of acne scars. Now how many high end products can boast all of that?

I know a lot of people who create an entire face mask by applying a thick layer of it all over their face, and others who don't use any other products on their face at all!

Sudocrem is available in almost any shops all over England and has helped my skin and my confidence a lot over the years, so I hope I can help you too.

*I was not asked or paid by Sudocrem to publish this post*