First Impressions: Loreal EverSleek Smoothing Anti-Frizz Serum


The packaging sticks with the golden copper colour of the rest of the new EverSleek range which I don't own but I have seen. Personally I really like it. The bottle is sturdy but I wish it had come with a lid because of the fact the product comes with a pump which could easily be knocked and leak into your bag if you were to take it out and about in your handbag or on holiday.
According to the instructions that come with the serum after using shampoo and conditioner then one or two hazelnut sized amounts should be spread through dry hair and not rinsed out.
I've never used a serum thats designed for dry hair before so I was worried that it would make my hair look greasy and feel heavy and weighed down.  Luckily, however, it didn't and I have to say that my hair did feel and look noticeably smoother and the frizzy areas that come with naturally curly hair like mine were tamed instantly.
The serums formula was extremely oily and shot out of the pump like water. After rubbing my hands together and spreading the product through my hair I instantly noticed my hair soaking up the oil to the point where hardly any residue was left on my hands.
All in all my first impression of the product is a very good one the only negative I can think of at the moment is the smell as it is quite a chemically smell. Although its not a strong smell and it doesn't linger in the hair so a very weak negative if one at all.
So there you have it my first impressions on Loriel's EverSleek serum.  I would definitely recommend it to try out and it's made me want to go out and get the shampoo and conditioner to match.