5 Winter Nail Varnishes:


When I first started thinking about some nail themed posts to do I originally wanted to do a my top ten nail varnishes post, but then the sheer amount of nail varnishes I own dawned on me and I started to think about how the nail varnish you choose depends on your mood, the season a specific thing you're planning on wearing and so on and so on...
So I thought to do 5 nice wintery nails would be a much better idea instead, although if you'd still like to see an overall top ten most worn varnish then let me know in the comments.

These are going to be in no particular order but first we have a Revlon Top Speed polish  in 880 Black Star. The name of this colour is just the perfect description for it its silvery and shimmery like a star but with a glossy black background so its a nice mixture of sophisticated and sparkly fun.
Another Revlon polish next, but this time it's a Nail Enamel in Vixen 570, which even though it's not one of the Top Speed varnishes still dries just as fast as one (which by the way is ridiculously fast!) It's also a lovely winter colour a deep berry red which sadly isn't showing up too well in the photo as opposed to in person but still christmassy nonetheless.

I love this colour by nails inc. it's West Hampstead which is a nice deep almost plum toned purple which I'm sure for all of you screams out Autumn into Winter. There's not really much else to say I'm sure you all know just how good nails inc polishes are they're amazing quality in colour and consistency and you can usually get away with one coat if you're in a rush.

My love for nails inc. shows again here, except this time with a sparkly blue and silver colour, which always has me thinking of a beautiful night sky. This polish shimmers when you view it at different angles and the fact it's such a cool almost icy tone meant that I just had to include it in this top 5.

Last but by no  means least is this plain and simple, pillar box red by The Beauty Emporium (which is an M&S brand). I have to admit this isn't technically mine it's my little sister's but we share nail varnishes all the time so I'm sure she won't mind ;). I chose this because when it comes to Christmas or winter beside from all of the blues, whites and icy tones one colour you just can't resist is a nice Christmassy red. This one is nice and glossy and has a really good colour intensity meaning you can get away with just one coat although I usually go with two just to be on the safe side.

That's it for this post, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did please let me know, also if you'd like me to do more top 5 nail varnishes then please let me know in the comments. Maybe I could make this a seasonal thing, or in sections like top 5 pastels or top 5 berry shades?