Perfume Reviews:


Weeks and weeks a go my Mum came home from a shopping trip with her friend with a little bunch of perfume samples that she'd been given. Out of the bunch she gave me these three samples.

The first of the bunch (and my absolute all time favourite of them all) was Marc Jacobs - Daisy. As soon as I smelt it I fell head over heels in love with it and wanted the full bottle so badly so I could wear it every day. It's described as "radiant and charming, Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet capturing the vintage edge of the violet" as strange a description as that sounds I have to say it describes it perfectly. It is a floral perfume but a very mature and not too girly or sweet kind of floral. I'd recommend this both as a transition perfume from young to adult types of perfume but also as an adult perfume too.

Another Marc Jacobs scent is Dot. This is described as " Chic and charming, a lush floral bouquet of beautiful jasmine and juicy red berries" once again the description is almost perfect the scent is just the right mix of jasmine and red berries. It's definitely my second favourite of the three, in fact these two samples have given me a real taste for all Marc Jacobs scents because I really love them both. This too is a nice scent for all ages, that I'm thinking of looking for a big sized bottle of.

Last but not least is Vera Wang's - Princess. This is a very sweet and girly scent, however it's not so overwhelming that it can be found sickly, I think it's the kind of perfume that you could only wear during the day if you were in a certain type of mood.  The bottle describes it as " Playful, Unpredictable, Spirited. A sheer fruity floral that is born to rule!" I can smell the sweetness of the floral in the perfume but personally I'm not too sure where the fruit comes into it. Unless you have a certain taste then I'd say this isn't a perfume for anyone over the age of 20, I'll use up the sample but as for buying the full bottle I have plenty of other perfumes I'd rather spend my money on than this. Although that being said if someone gave this to me as a present I would be grateful and use it as it is a nice scent just not the best I've ever used. 

That's it  for my little reviews, I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe it even gave you some last minute Christmas present ideas?