Gift Guide for Him:


It's time for the boy's gift ideas! I'll admit I really struggled with making this one because I do find men pretty hard to buy for. Hopefully I'll now be helping some of you who are having a similar issue.

First up smart shoes the ones in the photo are just an example but in general most men I know enjoy wearing smarter shoes. It's also a very useful present since smart shoes will also finish off an outfit nicely. 

A man tin is a nice funny present I think. Every man has that little collection of just general stuff, I never really know what they are but to me it looks like rubbish and tat (though I'm told it's all very important stuff). Now there's somewhere nice and neat for them to put all their stuff in.

It finally seems to be becoming more acceptable for a man to take care of himself, with that in mind some bath products may be a very nice idea. This is the Champney's Sports Therapy All Over Sports Kit for men. 

I had to put FIFA in there because every man I know (not just teenagers) spends their time talking  about or playing FIFA. FIFA 15 is the latest game so if you're looking for a game for a boy then this will be a good one.

Lastly, this gorgeous Hugo Boss Polo Shirt, this gift goes hand in hand with both the shoes and the bath set, a man that looks after himself and likes to dress well should really like a present like this. There are lots of other colours and brands that do similar shirts to this too if perhaps he's not a fan of this one in particular.

I hope this helped you if you're struggling for presents for someone!