Plastic Fantastic: Barbie Inspired Makeup:


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who sits and plays with their makeup when they're bored. In fact it's a favourite pastime amongst my friends. Well last time I did this happened (completely on it's own too).......

I loved it so much that I had to take some pictures and plan out this post.

So first things first, for a Barbie inspired look you're going to need an absolutely flawless base. I went with Rimmel's  Match Perfection as it has a good buildable coverage and evens out redness well. I have a small scar on the top of my nose, which of course a Barbie doll wouldn't have so I covered this with my Miss Sporty Coverstick which is super thick and extremely high coverage, just what's needed for this kind of look. All I added to the cheeks was a baby pink blush on a big fluffy brush, focussing on the apples. I already have quite prominent cheekbones so I didn't feel the need to contour.

Next up came the eyebrows, I used my new MUA Intense Colour eyeliner in Rich Brown, as it was new it had a nice fine point which I used to create a thick strong brow, making my features sharper and harsher which is what springs to mind when thinking of dolls. As for the eyes themselves, I started off by  packing on a super light blue up to my crease stopping before I reached it. Then I slowly began to add more and more of a purple with a pinky undertone through the crease and repeating these two steps until I was happy with the colour intensity and gradient. Finally for the eyes make sure you put on lots and lots of mascara or some falsies if you have them.
Last but not least the lips, the lipstick I used (Barry M's Lip Paint in Marshmallow) was extremely drying and matte so I covered my lips with a thick layer of lip balm before anything else, resulting in a smooth glossy finish and keeping them protected.

So there you go the finished look, it's random and hardly wearable unless you're off to a fancy dress party but I love it!