Review: LUSH Butterball Bath Ballistic:


I've been told I was allergic to bath bombs ever since I was around 5 and had a reaction to one. Since then I've been far too nervous to try one but always wanted to. I finally caved in and guessed that LUSH would be the best way to go when I wanted to try out one since they use natural products. 

Butterball was the ballistic I chose since it was the one I enjoyed the smell of the best, it contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil. After dropping the bomb into the water it fizzed away happily and I thought that would be all but all of a sudden yellow blobs of oil  began to appear floating along the top of my bath. 

As soon as I was in the bath I felt it instantly sink into my skin (mine must have been drier than I thought) and it instantly felt so much softer. Even after getting out of the bath I had the softest of skin even for days afterwards.