Tag: Colours Of The Rainbow


Red: Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Cherry Pop (8). This lipstick is really highly pigmented, meaning a little goes a long way. It's also super glossy, making it moisturising as opposed to a matte, drying lipstick. It's a real pillarbox red too, so not for those of you who like your nudes and peaches.

Orange: Rimmel London I <3 Lasting Finish in Pop (265). This isn't a bright or neon orange it's more of an orange with a red undertone, which  for me means that it's the perfect transition colour from Summer into Autumn. It really lives up to it's name to because it lasts on my nails from week to week.

Yellow: Carmex Classic. A few months ago my lips got really sore, chapped and painful and nothing I had at home was working, so my mum and I went to Boots to see what we could find. I picked up the Carmex because I'd heard wonderful things about it healing up people's lips, and I have to say it lived up to my expectations and had my lips back to normal within days. It does sting a little but it doesn't bother me too much because I know it means that the lipbalm is working it's magic.

Green: The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. This mask is perfect for blemished, oily or normal skin. I love treating myself with it every now and again, it  makes my skin super soft and clean. I'm not prone to breakouts but it has brought down any spots that I've had when they pop up.

Blue: Anna Sui perfume in Secret Wish. This is an absolutely beautiful grapefruity citrus scent, that i love today as much as I did when I wore it years a go, maybe I'll change my mind when I'm older but right now I'm pretty sure I'll love it for years to come. It's got lovely packing too and to top it all off it lasts all day too.

Indigo: The Body Shop Born Lippy Lipbalm in PassionBerry. This balm smells of fruity loveliness and is either clear when one thin layer is applied or has a very subtle purple tinge to it when a few layers have been built up. Either way I wouldn't recommend buying it for the colour. Compared to Carmex, I'd say that Carmex is more of a healing balm for lips that are already sore, whereas this balm is more of a maintenance balm for lips that are already smooth.

Violet: 17 Solo Eyeshadow in Damnson. This eyeshadow is a purple so it brings out the green flecks in my eyes well. It can either be lightly put on to provide a subtle wash of colour or really packed on for an intense block of colour, it has a pinky undertone to it though, so be wary that it may lead to sore looking eyes if not used carefully.

I know Pink isn't in the rainbow but I thought I'd be a little cheeky and add pink in like I've seen other bloggers and Youtubers do.

So Pink: VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray. I try not to use heat on my hair very often because it's naturally curly and I'm trying to keep it  in good condition while it grows. But, when I do use heat, I absolutely cover it in this as it protects up to 230 degrees. It creates a protective layer over my hair, making me feel as though my hair is being protected, it also seals in shine.

Thanks for reading everyone. 
See you soon!