VO5 Miracle Concentrate:


I'm in desperate need of a haircut lately and my roots have been getting a little dry. This miracle concentrate is another one of those products that was used once or twice then relegated to the back of the drawer. I picked it back up again a while a go and I've been using it a lot the past couple of weeks.

I'd say it very nearly lives up to it's miraculous name. It makes my hair feel instantly better, smoother, more nourished and shiny. Also as the name suggests you only need a very small amount, it's an entirely oil based product. The oil is argan oil which is well known for being a very good product to use in hair.

If you feel like your hair is in need of a treat then I'd definitely recommend this product, especially considering it's around that time of year when we all could do with saving a few pennies. This is a very inexpensive product compared to most hair oils out there.