Bedside Beauty:


I have two little sets of drawers beside my bed that double up as bedside tables, on one of them I keep all the beauty bits that I use everyday either when I wake up or before bed.

I use a hand cream every morning and night because I think well looked after hands look really nice, and it shows whether or not you look after yourself if your hands are in good condition.I usually just use whatever body moisturiser I have available but sometimes I'll use a proper hand cream like this one from Vaseline for healthy hands and stronger nails. It contains Keratin and Stratys, claiming to soften hands, smooth cuticles and strengthen nails by 50%, I have to say I really like what it does to my hands and it smells lovely too.

Sticking with hands I use LUSH's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (say that out loud it's so fun!) to keep my cuticles soft and in good condition because mine do tend to look a broken and sore sometimes, because when I was younger instead of picking up the habit of biting my nails I'd bite them and the skin around my nails which left them looking ugly and horrid shapes for years, luckily they're just starting to heal properly now and are looking much better now. I've not been using this particular product for too long but I'll keep you updated if you request a review.

In terms of lip balms I use one during the day and one at night time, lately it's been The Body Shop's Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon during the day which has its own review. Then I'll use NUXE Reve de Miel at night time to heal my lips and let it sink in overnight. I had extreme dry lips which were so painful and this started healing them up from first use. It has honey and precious oils in it which are well known for being very good for dry skin so I plan to continue using it.

My day and night cream are both from The Body Shop Vitamin E range, I find that all The Body Shopface creams are amazing, they seem to have something for every type of skin too. I find that those who work in the shop really know what they're talking about too so just ask them and tell them about your skin type and they should be able to help you out.

Sticking with The Body Shop, I cleanse using their Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, I want to do a full review of this but I'll just say that I love pretty much everything about if from the smell, through to the balmy consistency and what it does to my skin.

I use both of these products at night time after cleansing, I start with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to soothe my skin and make sure all my makeup has been removed and my skin has a nice clean base to put the Vitamin E moisture serum (again from The Body Shop) and then the night cream over the top of. This serum is actually very thin and light and sinks in straight away which is just what I need at the moment because my skin is still quite young and can tend to get a little oily if I use products that are quite heavy on it.

I also use this nspa Clementine Rich Body Butter, on my feet every night, I do have foot creams but I'm still using up Christmas products let alone stuff I got for my birthday so I'm working through the products I have before I open new ones, I love the smell of this product which I really didn't think I would and it does my skin a lot of good because it's so full of vitamins.

Last, but not least is Soap & Glory's Puffy Eye Attack,  I use this both morning and night to try and control the bags under my eye's as well as the dry skin and swelling I get there when I'm tired (wow that sounds so unattractive). When I'm tired and have dry skin under my eyes I find that make up doesn't sit right on my face at all and this has made a huge difference, it claims to control under eye bags and help them go down too and people have commented saying that they've noticed a big difference when I've been using it too.
That's what sits on my bedside table, but what about you? Let me know what products you want close at hand and reach for on a regular basis.