Shop My Stash #1:


I first saw a shop my stash in the lovely Zoe (Zoella) and Louise's (SprinkleofGlitter) video from ages and ages ago, but I'm sure it's been done before. I wanted to give it a go, if you've no idea what a shop my stash is then basically you go through all your products and find some gems that you want to get more use of or have forgotten about.

First thing's first for me are these Nails inc. nail varnishes. I have the shades (l-r)  Marble Arch, West Hampstead, Keats Grove, Park Walk, Oakley Street, Reeves Mews and Carlton Gardens. I got these for my 16th birthday which seems so long ago now, but I've hardly ever used them, not because I don't like them but because I was in the mindset of no I can't use them they're too nice I'll save them. But I realise now that if I don't use them I'll just be being silly and wasting them. Why not make the most of having the nice things while they're there? I've got a good range of colours too so I should be able to make the most of them all year round. 

In terms of make up, I've the GOSH trio eye shadow in Metallic Rose, this is another old present I got when I was much younger, fell in love with and decided to save it for a special occasion. I still really love the colours, so now I'm making sure I use it expect to see me in some shimmery pink and grey eye looks soon! I also have the Accessorize merged blusher in bombshell, this is more of a bronzer and as I got this around Christmas time where I go for much more pale looks it gradually got pushed to the back of my drawer and forgotten about, but I've luckily found it in the Summer so fingers crossed I'll be able to bronze it up soon and it'll get the use it deserves.  

Some of you may remember this serum from a very long time ago, it was one of my first ever posts. I used it loads when I first got it but new products came and got used and it was lost, but I recently took it with me on holiday and it really tamed the best that my hair can become in the heat, so for that reason I want to make sure I get my use out of it!

This is another old EJEbeauty feature, this was in my old skincare routine post (I think I'll be doing an updated one soon). I love it I just tend to forget to scrub my face on a regular basis, which I think is the only reason It's not yet been used up. I'm on a real skincare hype at the moment though so I'm going to be making a real conscious effort to give it the use it needs.

This too was in my skincare routine, I had been using it in place of a night cream, but now I've got myself a proper one so although this was good on my skin it was quite greasy for my face, I can now use the last of it on my body until it's empty.

As I'm trying to grow my hair I'm washing my hair less and less, which means I'm sure I'm going to be reaching for this more and more, I like the fact it's brown tinted too so I hopefully wont have those horrible tell tale grey patches in my hair that dry shampoo so often comes with.

That's all for my stash, what about you? I really recommend giving this a go if you;re a hoarder when it comes to products you'll find some gems and maybe clear out stuff that's perhaps past it#s best too. Until next time.