Room Tour:


I must have promised this post about two months ago now but it's finally here. My room is now officially finished, newly decorated and I've thrown away the big pile of books and folders that came with A-Levels. I figured I better make the most of a work free room before I head off to uni and get snapping so here it is my new bedroom! 

Ok this is what you see as you walk into my bed room, the "theme" as it where is girly vintage with pinks and whites through out.  My wardrobe, drawers and bed are all from Ikea but are sadly now discontinued but everything else is a mixture of Primark and B&M.  On top of my wardrobe are some teddies, I'm not really a fan of keeping teddies and statues and figurines because I prefer a minimalist look with just beauty products such as perfumes out but all of these have sentimental value so they're staying with me. The fireplace my Dad actually made from scratch, the pink jewellery box and chest on top of it are both presents. On top of the fireplace I keep all my perfumes on the right and a vase and scent diffuser on the left. Along the bottom on the left is a candle and on the right are two jars full of quotes that a friend made me and the orchid from Valentines day I'm sure some of you will remember. As for the chest of drawers, under it I'm currently keeping the box I hold all my empties in for blog posts as well as the stationery I'm collecting for University. On top I've got my mirror the jewellery I wear every day (my Pandora and anniversary necklace), I also have a basket that holds my hairbrushes and jars of makeup brushes and a little tin that holds my cotton wool pads. The heart on my wall is from Primark.

The wall to the left of you as you walk in is fairly bare, on my radiator I keep some pretty magnets to pin important letters and things to remember on. I also keep my trilby Summer hat on the end as well as the bag I'm using at the moment. That's pretty much it apart from the basket that holds all my nail varnishes and my lamp. On the wall itself I have my big white frame of family photos. The light switch has been jazzed up a little too with a nice heart sticker making it a little different.

My main wall holds my bookshelf which, aside from books, holds little trinkets that have been presents. Underneath is the quote that my Dad hand painted as a birthday present to me "and though she be but little she is fierce" from Shakespeare. Wrapped around my bed are heart shaped fairy lights which are lovely to have on at night. On top of my bed I keep the book I'm reading and my two teddies from my childhood as well as the one my little cousin got me for my 18th. 

On my left bedside set of drawers I have all my everyday beauty products as well as little Ikea jars full of pens pencils and highlighters. Next to this I have wicker baskets which hold (bottom to top) paper, folders etc. in the middle one are all my beauty products and the top one holds figurines and stuff like that since, as I've said I really don't like lots of trinkets all over the place.

My left set of drawers has my stereo and date blocks, I also keep my bin in that corner too.

As for my final wall which holds the window, I've got pink curtains with light white lace curtains in the middle. In the very middle of the window hangs a heart shaped candle holder and on the extreme ends of the curtain pole hang sets of wicker hearts. Also on the window sill I've got little jars a blue, clear and pink which hold cotton wool and cotton buds. 

My light is amazing! I'm actually in love with it it's made up entirely of feathers! (From Ikea.) Under the window sits my mums sewing basket, she put it in here once whilst she was fixing something and we both agreed it matched the room. 

Speaking of my mum I want to take the opportunity to thank her because she pretty much did all of this from choosing the paint colour to the little details like adding the bow around my bin and making sure the wall and curtain colour matched and the wicker baskets and wicker of the bin were the same. She has amazing taste and I'm so grateful because she's given me a gorgeous room.

I know I've not really gone into crazy detail so if you have any questions then do ask away in the comments. I'm also sorry the pictures are a little grey but it's been bad weather here lately. I hope you enjoyed this post, I'll see you again on Thursday!