5 Minute 5 Product Face:


We've all been there. That mad rush to get ready when you've only got about 5 minutes. With that in mind I thought I'd give a 5 minute face a go and too add an extra challenge for myself I've limited myself to five products too. 

The Products:

- Concealer
- Eyeshadow 

If you've not got long then a light base is your safest bet so instead of madly buffing at your face trying to blend in your foundation (which let's face it never cooperates when you're in a rush) just dab some concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes and your base is pretty much good to go.

In terms of eyeshadow I used a brown because that way I could do both my eyebrows as well as add some definition to my lids. If you're in a rush then two in one products are an absolute God-send. The same goes for bronzer since you could use it all over the face to warm up the complexion or to contour and add definition to the face.

Mascara is a total must for making us girls feel alive and any face of make-up will look bizarre without it so a few coats of it and you'll feel transformed making a huge difference to you if you've had to get ready in a rush. 

Lipgloss or balm is another nice finishing touch that will wake up your look, finish off your face nicely and all in all make you look much more put together than you are.

I hope you enjoyed this post, would you have any different products in your five minute face? Let me know.