The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty:


What is your most expensive and most inexpensive product?

My most expensive product is probably my Naked palette at £38, but I think it's totally worth is because there isn't a single colour in there I haven't used. I use it practically every single day and I know I will continue to do so. The pigmentation and quality of the product is amazing too.

My most inexpensive product are my MUA eyeshadow's at just £1 each! Everyone loves MUA because not only are the prices incredible but the products perform better than some ten times their price. I would hugely recommend them to you especially if you're just getting started with makeup.

What beauty product do you have a love/hate relationship with?

My love/hate relationship is with blue eyeshadow. Mainly because I know because of my brown eyes it's supposed to help make my eyes pop, but I just find that you have to be so careful with it's almost not worth it. Too much and I find myself looking like a drag queen.

What is your most delicious product?

My most delicious smelling product is Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy perfume. It's one of my favourites. With it's main notes being Java Lemon, Lychee and Yuzu along with some more subtle but still nice floral tones in there too it's certainly a lovely summer and very tasty scent.

Which products do you most neglect due to laziness?

I'd probably have to say lip liners for this one. I don't even have one with me to take a photo, that's how much I just can never be bothered to use them. I would like to buy some to see if it would make me use them more though.

Which product gives you the most self confidence?

I know this lipstick has featured a fair bit recently but I just love it! M.A.C's Girl About Town makes me feel so glamorous and done up when I wear it. I think it adds that extra something to a look that gives you a bit of oomph. 

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

I'm not too sure what this is doing in a beauty tag, but I'd probably have to say in terms of physical looks, someone who clearly looks after themselves and has nice eyes. As for personality, I love a kind and funny gentleman. Someone who you can just sit and laugh with and be totally silly. 

What products would you most like to receive as a gift?

At the moment I have to say I'm really lusting after YSL lipsticks, but any high end makeup or skincare in general is always a very lovely treat.