Latest Obsession! Accessorize Bombshell Blusher:


Ever since I made myself start using this blusher again in my Shop My Stash post I've been head over heels in love with it. It seems to be the perfect mix of pink, brown and shimmer that makes it an amazing blush, bronzer and highlight all in one. You'd think with the product all mixed in together that you'd find you got the wrong colour in the wrong place but that's never been the case for me. I find that when you run the product over your face with a big fluffy blush then you get just the right amount and it all hits the right areas. It seems that no matter what angle it reflects the light perfectly making it seem as though you have an inner glow. I don't even feel the need to contour when I use this product, which is something I used to do every single day. It does have a quite orange tone too it but I'm yet to see it go patchy or muddy on my face so don't let that scare you off.