Empties #5:


Another series that hasn't been updated for a long time! This time it's empties.

My first empty I wont talk too much about because its got a review all to itself. What I will say is that it's a lovely refreshing spray so you could use it for morning but at the same time it has a very soothing and relaxing feel and smell to it so you could use it at bed time too. It makes a nice treat for your skin and I would definitely repurchase it. 

This perfume was a present, Next Diamonds was a very strong sweet girly fragrance which when I first smelt I thought oh no I'm not going to like this but the more I smelt it the more I enjoyed wearing it. It lasted all day and I got loads of compliments when I wore it. So would I repurchase? I'm not sure, I do like it and would wear it again but there's so many perfumes I'd like to try out first that I think it would be in the distant future for now.

A nice cheap and cheerful set of products now. You guys know how much I love nspa for there quality and amazing prices. Both this Raspberry and Clementine moisturisers were amazing and nice and rich and moisturising. The smells were great too so I would definitely repurchase.

This is another skin care product that has had its own review. If you read it then you'll remember how much I raved about it, I wont go into too much detail again because the post wasn't that long ago but I will say this...BUY IT! I wouldn't say that lightly because I wouldn't want to cause any of your skin damage but it is so good and will remove that make up super quick! I would 100% repurchase this.

Lastly is this rather tatty looking mascara from Collection. It's the Super Size Fat Lash mascara, I wouldn't say it did any of those things at all! If anything it lengthened and separated my lashes which was nice but certainly not what I wanted from it. I would maybe repurchase it at a push but there's definitely better mascaras out there.

That's all for this empties post, I probably wont be doing another one for a while because you guys know how long it takes for me to collect them up. Hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next time!