The Phase (New Series?):


I've been having a little blogging block lately, when I look back over my old posts I'm not sure if that's my style any more (which is part of why I've really been wanting a redesign lately). With that in mind when I do come up with new blogging I've actually started to come up with some ideas for new series'. One of which I would like to call "The Phase". If you know me personally then you'll know I don't just start to like things I really get obsessed and then it's all I can think about for months on end until I completely stop being in love with it and move on to something new. For example around June and July pretty much the only thing I bought, watched videos on or read articles about was skincare, I become completely obsessed. Now however all I want to do is go clothes shopping and put an entirely new wardrobe together!

I think a clothing wishlist will be my next "The Phase" post but I wanted to give it some sort of proper introduction. If I continue with this idea then I plan on doing posts about everything from clothes and makeup to what foods and TV shows I've been obsessing over!

If you like the idea then please do let me know in the comments because as much as I'm changing my blog around to suit me more and to keep myself enjoying it whenever I get a nice comment it makes me smile so much!