Review: La Roche - Posay Effaclar Duo:


Moisturiser has never been anything I've been overwhelmed by, don't get me wrong I've certainly been impressed by one or two and even repurchased a couple but never have I had one that has left me genuinely looking forward to using it again the next day, until now that is.

 La Roche-Posay is a brand that I've heard of before from many a bloggers review for their wide range of skin care benefits. I heard wonderful things about the good they do to blemish prone skin which sadly before now I have never had to deal with. A few months a go now I picked up the Effaclar Duo on nothing more than a whim in Boots and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results.

The products is mainly focused on acne prone skin so it really does pack a punch when beating spots, but I haven't found it to be too harsh because of this. My skin isn't so bad to call it acne just a few spots here and there that leave bad red marks. The formula claims to be unclogging so no only does it help remove spot but prevents new ones breaking out too. It also contains an anti-irritant which helps remove redness, as well as boasting benzoyl peroxide amoung it's ingredients meaning it really does remove spots. You may think that all of this would really strip your skin but that is so far from the truth. I find that it sinks in super fast but still leaves your skin feeling well moisturized and light. Not like you never used a product in the first place.

I found that in the long run the constant use of this product has given me the confidence to bare my skin to the world much more often. I feel much more confident in my own skin now and I really would say it's thanks to this product.

Have you used this product before? Let me know your thought, good or bad!