Review: Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes:


I had been wanting to buy this set for so long and a month or so ago I finally convinced myself to buy them! I've waited a while to review them so I could get used to working with them and really give an honest review. 

First things first the packaging, now I know every beauty blogger under the sun has already raved about it so I'll try not to go on too much but isn't it pretty! The luxury set comes with a beautiful makeup bag and the brushes themselves are stunning. 

I'll go brush by brush...

106 Powder: This is a perfect mix between a big fluffy brush but a dense structured brush too, I've been using it to apply my face powder and it distributes the perfect amount of powder over the face without making you look cakey.

102 Silk Finish: This is much denser than the RealTechniques Buffing brush, it can be used to buff well though. I've found that it needs washing much more often than other buffing brushes I've used too. The brush really helps when you're doing a full coverage look.

110 Face Shape: This has been described as the perfect brush for cream contouring which sadly means I've not been able to try since I don't have any cream contour products but what contouring I have used it for has been great.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: I honestly thing the description is perfect for this one. This brush sweeps the perfect amount of product over the cheeks and seems to perfectly fit my face making it so easy to do my cheek makeup in just a few sweeps.

142 Concealer Buffer: Again this one needs washing  quite often, it's super dense and almost a little stumpy so you can really buff in your concealer in a way that will make sure it lasts all day.

227 Luxe Soft Definer: There's really not much to say about this one other than it's an almost perfect dupe for the MAC 217. If anything it's a little fluffier but other than that they're identical.

231 Luxe Petit Crease: I love using this one for a darker colour through the crease. The tapered tip lets me use the very tip to apply the colour and the rest of the brush to blend it out perfectly. It fits in the crease beautifully too.

317 Wing Liner: This brush creates the absolute perfect wing. It's a little longer than most slanted brushes which really helps it glide along the eye. The brush itself is very thin which allows you to have a really thin and defined line too. I'd say it's a drawer between this one and the 110 to be my favourite brushes of the set!