What I Got For Christmas 2014:


I know, I know I' really late on the bandwagon for this one but hopefully you'll still want to see what Santa bought me! 
I finally got my hands on the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, I've been wanting this for absolutely ages so I was super happy when I opened this.

I was also given a set of three vaseline tins in the original, aloe and cocoa butter. I've said before I don't use these on my lips but instead to moisturise my eyelashes so these will certainly come in handy.

I've been asking for pyjamas for ages so I was thrilled to open these, plus anything Disney themed is more than welcome in my stocking!

My sister got me this super cute to do list pas. She knows me so well this will definitely be used up before long!

As my Cath Kidson mug from Brighton sadly broke *sobs* I was given this gorgeous one, which I have to say I actually prefer to my blue one. 

I got two small pandora charms too, the first is a plain band and he second is a cute little polar bear

My main present for the year was this beauty! I finally have a real camera! I was so grateful when I opened this because I know how expensive cameras can be. This is a Canon PowerShot SX510 HS which I have to say I have no idea what all that means but I've got something much more high quality than just my phone to take photos with now.

 Some extremely cosy socks were also waiting under the tree. I'll admit I had to stuff these back in to the packaging for this photo because I'd been wearing them!

After seeing Maleficent in the cinema all I wanted to do was watch it again and thank goodness now I can before it drives me insane! I was also given the boxset of Downton Abbey which I was super happy to get because I love the show but missed the first series.

 It wouldn't be Christmas without a mug and this one is really different from the usual ones because Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer are made to look as if they're made out of origami. 

I'm sure you guys know by now I love me a bit of vintage, and this is a stunner. I haven't actually opened up the oil scent yet but if it's half as nice as the packaging it comes in I'm sure there'll be no complaints. I love the dainty little birds.

It seems to be somewhat of a Christmas tradition for my sister and I to get a new Superdry T-shirt and so here's this years. Also I was given this super cute macaron body wash and lotion set.

One of my favourite presents of the year was this totally stunning Cath Kidson weekend bag. I was actually planning on asking for one of these for my birthday as I have been travelling back and forth a lot lately and I've just been using the same oversized old looking handbag.

I'm a huge Anna Sui fan and this year I was lucky enough to receive another one of her perfumes. This is the La Vive Boheme which of course smells delightful.

I was also given a case to go with my camera.

Another weekend bag, this time from Jack Wills and full of treats including a Water bottle, which I'll definitely be using for University. Also a body spray, a body butter, shower gel, body lotion and hand cream. 

Another stunning set of bath products came from Soap & Glory with hand and foot creams, body washes and lotions a plenty as well as face wipes, a body scrub, a lip gloss and a mascara. I think it's safe to say I won't need to go toiletry shopping for a while. 

I got some nice new studs which I was glad about since I've finally started wearing jewellery again.

That's everything I got from my parents this year. I've not yet seen my aunts and uncles but if I get anything more then I'll certainly let you know.