How to: Remove Stubborn Mascara:


Now, we can't all afford to regularly be spending lot's of money on high end makeup removers, and if I'm honest all of the "budget" or "low end" eye makeup removers that I've tried out over the years just don't cut it for me. So here's a little home remedy, if you will, for getting rid of that stubborn mascara that just won't leave you alone!

Now this may seem strange but all you're going to need is a little tin of Vaseline, and lets be honest girls, we've all got one of those rolling around in the back of a drawer or the bottom of a makeup bag somewhere. Now, Vaseline just doesn't work as a lip balm for me at all, but for this it works a treat.

It's super simple, all you have to do is completely cover your top and bottom lashes in a nice thick layer of Vaseline, I like to use the Rosy Lips one because the oils it contains work wonders for my lashes too. After rubbing it in a little, I'll leave it to sink in a little (not long just a few minutes or so) and then rub it off either with my hands or a tissue it doesn't really matter which and all of the mascara stuck right to my lashes even the parts right in the roots come gliding off with the slippy oily texture of the product.

Et Voila! Mascara free lashes! Now I'm no scientist and I don't claim to be, but roughly this works as Vaseline contains a lot of oil, and mascara -particularly those stubborn or waterproof formula's- often contain wax. So, the oils in Vaseline when rubbed into the lashes help to breakdown the mascara making it nice and easy to slide off your lashes. Sometimes if I've really been using a lot of mascara it will take me more than one coat and wipe to get all the mascara off, but nevertheless, it's a trick that's never failed me.

It doesn't necessarily have to Vaseline, a friend of mine just uses olive oil, basically any old oil based or oily product will do. Just please be careful not to get anything in your eyes! Haha.

I hope you didn't mind the sight of my naked face in these pictures, haha thankyou for reading and I'll see you all next time!

P.S. Have you got any tips for removing stubborn mascara, or even just makeup in general? Let me know in the comments.