A Rocky Horror Night Out:


A few weeks ago my best friend and I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. I also spent the night round her house too so I thought I'd give you a quick run through of the day as well as the makeup look I created on the both of us. Unfortunately there are no pictures of Aine that show our makeup well because it was a long night out and by the time we took some pictures our faces had melted.

Aine and I ended up on a huge sugar high through the whole night and curled up on the sofa with our face masks on a tub of Ben and Jerry's and Moulin Rouge on before going to sleep.

But before that came the mad rush to get dressed and made up before hopping on the bus to the theatre. So the makeup look I created was something quick, gothic and easy that I made up on the spot.

We went for a very pale foundation and an unbelievable amount of contouring to look gaunt and gothic. Next came eyes we filled in a subtle eyebrows and then went for huge flicks of smudgy eyeliner with lots of dark purple eyeshadow pulled up from the eye line. Next was a dark berry lip and the look was complete.

When we got to the venue we realised that we had no worries about being overdressed. To give you a random example of some of the outfits we saw, there was plenty of men in drag and the man sat next to me was wearing nothing but a golden thong and a blonde wig!! The performance was amazing, there was a fair amount of deviating from the script it was almost like being in a mixture of a play and a live stand up gig!

I'm sorry this wasn't much of a beauty related post but I wanted to share the look with you and I thought I'd give you a little information on the day too. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see any more little lifestyle type posts then please let me know in the comments, along with any other requests you might have.