Halloween Vampire Makeup:



If you follow me on instagram you'll already have seen the little picture previews to this post, but here it finally is.
For a look like this the first thing you're going to want is really pale skin, so I used my lightest foundation and put it all over Myles' face. I doesn't matter if it doesn't have a high coverage as all we want is to pale up the face a vampire doesn't need to be flawless unless you're going for a twilight look.
Next you're going to want to look like you've been punched in both eyes! I went for a purple eyeshadow with no glitter or shimmer in it and filled in all of the space under the eyes up to and little over the socket bone. Then in the outer third of the purple I added a dark bluey tone to enhance the look of bruising. I kept going back over these two steps until I was happy with the way the colours looked.
I carried on the purple and blue colours down the sides of the nose to slim it down and contour the nose. As for the sides of the face I used a grey eyeshadow to contour the cheekbones. I used a grey as it would go with the dead and sallow look.
As for the lips I had already gone over them with the foundation brush I used to deaden them out, to add to this I used an extremely pale lipstick, to make them look even deader. I also went over them a little with a darker lipstick just to show up the cracks in Myles' lips. Lastly, I used some benefit benetint as fake blood in the corner of his mouth to act as blood, although if you have any actual fake blood it would be much better.
Lastly, I want to say a big thankyou to Myles for letting me make him up like a vampire. I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween themed post.